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Python Programming Introduction Training Course

An Introduction to Python programming for beginners

5 Jun London
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Python Programming Introduction training course (code: PYTHONINTRO)


Our Python training course is aimed at corporate delegates who need to learn Python in order to work on Data Science, Automated Testing and general software and web Development.

The course is aimed at delegates completely new to the Python language, and leads to more advanced Python and more specific Data Science courses.

Led by a Python expert, the course is very muuch Hands-On and delegates are immersed in both theory and practical sessions to help absorb the materials and add real value back in the office.

The course runs at our London training centre and can also be customised and run at your offices anywhere in the UK or Globally.


Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Mathematicians, System Testers and Shell Scripters who are new to Python


Python Overview and history
Data Types including Integers, strings and real numbers
Collections including Sets, Tuples, Lists, etc
Flow Control including Loops and iterators     
Functions including parameters, arguments and default values           
Modules including functions, classes, attributes            
Resources including standard libraries, builtin Python functions, specialist libraries         
Exception handling and error trapping
File handling Read/write
TDD with Python and unit tests             
Reg. Exp. search and replace text           
Classes including objects, methods, attributes..               
Using classes OO principles Inheritance, Polymorphism
Misc Python Libraries, beyond the standard libraries
  • Python Introduction 
  • Data Types         
  • Collections        
  • Flow Control      
  • Functions            
  • Modules             
  • Resources          
  • Exceptions         
  • File handling    
  • TDD                       
  • Reg. Exp.            
  • Classes                
  • Using classes    
  • Misc Libraries   

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