MVC6 for ASP.NET Developers Training Course

19 Feb London
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MVC6 for ASP.NET Developers training course (code: MVC6)

Create Responsive Modern Web Applications With MVC 6 And Explore New Features Designed To Increase Developer Productivity



Our ASP.NET MVC training course will introduce you to Microsoft’s latest approach to creating web applications, providing separation of concerns, allowing creation of layered applications and testing.  The view (for presentation) can be developed using HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript and possibly include JavaScript libraries client side, whilst using Razor server side.  The JBI approach is to first introduce the basics of the Model, View and Controller approach before moving on the many features which allow enhancing of this architecture.  This course focuses on MVC 5, whilst another course focuses on MVC 6 and its new features using Visual Studio 2015.

The labs lead the developer through the development of an MVC application and progressively using features to enhance this application for performance and responsive user interface.

This course will also take a tour of the some of the new features which have been introduced with MVC 6.



ASP.NET developers who want to leverage the power of ASP.NET MVC



Course Detail

MVC Essentials

What and Why use ASP.NET MVC 6?

Discuss the rapid development and evolution of ASP.NET MVC including these features/approaches already deprecated!  Will the current implementation provide all of the features required?
Responsibilities of the Model, View and Controller

Introduction to Configuration within Startup class
Support for Dependency Injection

Routing essentials
Creating your first ASP.NET MVC web Application

Configuration Options
Razor Views

Building a Responsive Web Site and support for Mobile and Table using ‘bootstrap’
Visual Studio Tooling including project structure


Using Controllers

POCO Controllers
Action Methods
Working with Parameters
How actions are mapped to methods
Action Result Types & Helper Methods
Understanding Model Binders

Task Asynchronous Pattern

Asynchronous actions with async/await


Responsibilities of a View and View Engines
Creating Razor  Views

Layout Page (Razor)
Strongly Typed Views
Html Helper methods and Tag Helpers

Creating Tag Helpers

Partial Views
Validation helpers


Using Bootstrap to provide a Responsive User Interface

Layout using Bootstrap

Change appearance with Theming

Bootstrap Components

MVC AJAX and JQuery Support

When to use AJAX
Making AJAX Calls
Using Partial Views with AJAX/JQuery
Unobtrusive AJAX


MVC Filters

Understanding Filters
Built in Filters
Authorize, Handle Error and OutputCache
Creating Custom Filters

Configuring Filters

Adding Filters

MVC Security

Dealing with common security threats in ASP.NET MVC

Validation Options
Error Reporting
Securing controllers and actions
Authorize and NonAction attributes

MVC Routing

Introduction and motivation
Building your routes
Route Constraints

Attribute Routing and Friendly Urls

MVC Models

Using Models

CLR Types and Strongly Typed Views

Introduction to Entity Framework 7
Using Entity Framework 7
Extending Entities and validation rules

Testing and Patterns for MVC Development

Writing Tests for ASP.NET MVC
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Unit Testing best practices
Enforcing Isolation of tests
Dependency Injection


Partitioning Large Web Applications

Adding Areas

Navigation between Areas

Rest Based services using Web API

What is ASP.NET Web API?
Using HTTP verbs (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE)
Previous options for action and new ObjectResult



Course Overview


ASP.NET MVC 6 now unifies the creation of WEB Applications using a range of previously separate technologies; MVC and Web API.  ASP.NET MVC 6 within Visual Studio .NET 2015 now allows creation of modern web applications supporting a Responsive User Interface (multiple platforms).  Working on ASP.NET 5 allows more flexible hosting using a range of middleware.  MVC provides separation of concerns, making testing straightforward.  Theming allows rapid change of appearance.  ASP.NET MVC is a popular development framework for Web, Mobile and Server-side applications. Asynchronous programming is supported both from client side and server side.  ASP.NET MVC 6 workshops will be in C# (VB.NET no longer supported)!


What you will learn :

At the end of this course you will be able to:

1. Understand when and why to use ASP.NET MVC 6?

2. ASP.NET support for hosting and use of ‘Middleware’

3. Use of packages (NuGet) and creation of packages

4. Use Separation to provide Model, View and Controller

5. Use MVC Routing including Attribute Routing

6. Develop for multiple platforms including mobile and tablet using ‘Bootstrap’

7. Apply testing / prototyping principals

8. Use ASP.NET MVC in the context of AJAX and jQuery

9. Understand security considerations

10. Use Web API to provide REST Based Service

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