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AWS and Java Development Training Course

Explore How AWS Offers Java Developers Access To A Powerful Cloud Computing Platform - Prepare For Certification Exams

13 May London
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AWS and Java Development training course (code: CLOUDJAVA)


Our AWS training course is aimed at Java developers who need to connect their applications to the cloud using AWS and who also may need help to prepare for Examinations in the subject, which can be taken separately. Aimed at developers who are already familiar with Web Application using Java this course will teach developers how to deploy their applications using Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and the associated  Web services  .


Java developers wanting to create Cloud applications using Amazon Web Services



 ·       Overview of  Amazon AWS

 An overview of  AWS including the most useful and important services


◦      Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud(EC2)

 ◦      Amazon Relational  Database Service(RDS)

 ◦      Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)

 ◦      AWS Access and Identity Management

 ◦      SimpleDB

 ◦      Cloudwatch

 ◦      AWS Application Environment

 ◦      Elastic Load Balancing

 ◦      Java AWS SDK
  Using an EC2 (Linux) instance


◦      Using the AWS Management Console

 ◦      Security and key pairs

 ◦      Find and Launching a suitable instance

 ◦      Using the AWS Java SDK classes to obtain and configure EC2 instances

 ◦      Command line tools


 ·         Setting up the Application  AWS Enviroment

 ◦      Security

 ◦      Scaling

 ◦      Load Balancing

 ◦      Monitoring

 ◦      Using the AWS Java SDK classes to set up the environment

 ◦      Considering the best environment for your Application.


·         AWS Elastic  Bean Stalk


Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises about 25 services, each of which exposes an area of functionality. This variety of services offers flexibility to managing AWS infrastructure. However using them  can be a challenging. AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows quick deployment  and manage applications in the AWS cloud  reducing management complexity without restricting flexibility


◦      Using AWS Elastic  Bean Stalk from Java Applications


  Programming AWS

 ◦      AWS Regional Selection

 ◦      Exception Handling

 ◦      Logging Control

 ◦      Access Control Policies

 ◦      Client Network Configuration

 ◦      Using the AWS Java SDK APIs  to handle exceptions,logging and configure access control policies


·         Using AWS Storage Services.

 AWS offers a number of storage services for different kinds of storage needs

 ◦      Relation Database Service (RDS) 

 ◦      Elastic Block Service (EBS)

 ◦      Simple Storage Service(S3)

 ◦      Accessing Storage  Services using Java  AWS Toolkit APIs

 ◦      Selecting the Appropriate  Storage Solution


·        Using the AWS Toolkit for Eclipse

 The AWS Toolkit for Eclipse supports the development of Java Enterprise applications.


·      Review of other AWS Services

 ◦      Amazon Simple Queue Service(SQS)

 ◦      Amazon Simple Notification Service(SNS)

 ◦      Amazon Simple Email Service(SES)

 ◦      Java AWS SDK APIs for other services


·      Designing for the AWS Cloud

 ◦      Security

 ◦      Scalability

 ◦      Reliability

 ◦      Choosing AWS Services

 ◦      Best Practices




  • Design and best practice for AWS Cloud applications
  • How to deploy applications onto an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Use the AWS web services with the applications.
  • How to use the AWS Console  to set and configure AWS services
  • How use AWS Java Toolkit APIs to set up,  configure and access AWS Services

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