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Oracle APEX New Features Training Course

Get More From Oracle Apex By Getting To Grips With The Latest Features

18 Feb London
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Oracle APEX New Features training course (code: ORAAPEXUP)


Client feedback shows that delegates on our courses will best engage when they can relate course topics to their own day-to-day practices and requirements. Where possible, we  run this course as a consultative, workshop-style event, in which discussion of relevant topics takes place in relation to the delegates' own applications and scenarios.

To facilitate this type of event, a subject matter expert leads the training, hands-on labs and discussions to ensure course topics are covered in a meaningful, relevant and timely manner. Delegates may be able to bring their own practical requirements and work to the course if the subjects and course topics are suitable.  


An ideal course for anyone who wants to learn the major new features introduced into Application Express (APEX) 4.0,4.1 and 4.2



New Application Builder user interface

  • Understanding the new application builder interface
  • Understanding usability improvements
  • Enhancements to page wizards, master-detail wizards
  • Enhancements to shared components


APEX Administration Enhancements

  • Enhancements to instance administration
  • Enhancements to workspace administration
  • Enhancements made to logging of applications and activity


Team Development Functionality

  • Track features, milestones, bugs and to dos
  • Manage Feedback


Introducing Dynamic Actions

  • Overview of dynamic actions
  • Creating dynamic actions
  • Using extensibility options (Plug-in dynamic actions, JavaScript code
  • native action)
  • Enhancements to Item Types
  • Defining autocomplete item type
  • Defining Quick Picks
  • Defining cascading LOVs
  • Defining number item type
  • Defining shuttle item type
  • Defining new shuttle item type based on cascading LOVs
  • Changes to existing Item types
  • HTML5 Item Types


Enhancements to Validations

  • Understanding enhancements to validations
  • New required flag for page items
  • Preventing built-in and user defined validations in certain situations
  • Using label placeholder for validation error messages


Enhancements to Tabular Forms

  • Improving usability of tabular forms
  • Adding popup key LOVs
  • Defining radio group column types
  • New validations for tabular forms
  • Sorting columns by values in LOVs


Enhancement to Interactive Reports

  • New theme 'Region Default' for interactive reports
  • Understanding enhanced export capabilities
  • Understanding improvements made to column attributes
  • Understanding enhancements to interactive report download capabilities
  • Expanding report saving capabilities for both Developers and End-Users
  • New selectable icon / detail / and report view


Enhancements to Charts and Calendar

  • Understanding new flash maps
  • Understanding new gnatt charts
  • Exploring new simplified 'Create Chart Wizard'
  • Drag and drop functionality in calendars
  • Enhanced calendar wizards


Introducing Plug-Ins

  • Defining custom region types & item types
  • Implementing custom widgets
  • Defining custom extensible dynamic actions
  • Defining custom process types
  • Defining authentication and authorisation plug-in


Enhancements to web services

  • Creating PL/SQL API to interact with web services
  • Creating new declarative REST based web services
  • Allowing report regions and DML processes to be exposed as REST web
  • services
  • Supporting SOAP 1.2 in wizard based web service
  • Using wizard to create form on manual web service reference



  • What are websheets
  • CreIncorporating data grids and reports
  • Websheet sections, pages and navigation
  • Websheet annotations, files and tags
  • Websheet authentication


Miscellaneous but useful things!

  • Use of ROWID
  • Data upload
  • Improved error handling
  • Packaged Applicationsating websheets
  • New Application Builder user interface
  • APEX Administration Enhancements
  • Team Development Functionality
  • Introducing Dynamic Actions
  • Enhancements to Validations
  • Enhancements to Tabular Forms
  • Enhancement to Interactive Reports
  • Enhancements to Charts and Calendar
  • Introducing Plug-Ins
  • Enhancements to web services
  • Websheets
  • Miscellaneous but useful things!

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