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Oracle Warehouse Builder-DesignBuild Training Course

Design & Build Robust Data Mining Applications With Oracle Warehouse Builder

18 Feb London
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Oracle Warehouse Builder-DesignBuild training course (code: ORC0140)


Client feedback shows that delegates on our courses will best engage when they can relate course topics to their own day-to-day practices and requirements. Where possible, we  run this course as a consultative, workshop-style event, in which discussion of relevant topics takes place in relation to the delegates' own applications and scenarios.

To facilitate this type of event, a subject matter expert leads the training, hands-on labs and discussions to ensure course topics are covered in a meaningful, relevant and timely manner. Delegates may be able to bring their own practical requirements and work to the course if the subjects and course topics are suitable.


Those responsible for installing Oracle Warehouse Builder eg: Business Intelligence application developers, Data warehouse administrators, System administrators, Data warehouse and ETL developers, Other MIS professionals.




The Basic Concepts
Creating an Oracle Data Warehouse
Locations and Modules

Setting Up Warehouse Builder

Organizing Design Objects into Projects and Collections
Defining Collections
Setting Preferences
Creating Additional Configurations

Designing Target Schemas

Creating Oracle Data Objects
The Data Object Editor
Data Object Editor Components
Data Viewer
Using the Data Object Editor
Configuring Data Objects
Attribute Sets
Dimensional Objects
Dimensions Slowly Changing Dimensions
Time Dimensions

Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata

Source Data and Metadata
General Steps for Importing Metadata from Sources
Supported Sources and Targets
Integrating with Business Intelligence Tools

Creating Mappings

Mappings and Operators
Defining Mappings
Creating a Mapping
Adding Operators
Editing Operators
Connecting Operators
Pluggable Mappings
Setting Mapping Properties
Setting Operator, Group, and Attribute Properties
Synchronizing Operators and Repository Objects
Debugging a Mapping

Designing Process Flows

Process Flows
Defining Process Flows
The Process Flow Editor

Understanding Performance and Advanced ETL Concepts

Designing PL/SQL Mappings
Designing SQL*Loader Mappings
Improving Performance Through Partition Exchange Loading

Using Oracle Warehouse Builder Transformations

Transformation Libraries
Defining Custom Transformations
Editing Transformation Properties
Importing PL/SQL

Understanding Data Quality Management

The Data Quality Management Process
Data Profiling
Data Quality
Data Rules
Quality Monitoring

Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic

Defining and Using Schedules
Deploying Objects
Starting ETL Jobs

Using Oracle Data Objects

Using the Data Object Editor to Edit Oracle Data Objects
Using Constraints
Using Partitions
Using Tables
Using Views
Using Materialized Views
Using Attribute Sets
Using Sequences
Using User Defined Types

Defining Dimensional Objects

Creating and Configuring Dimensions
Creating and Configuring Cubes
Creating and Configuring Time Dimensions

Defining Flat Files and External Tables

Flat Files in Warehouse Builder
Using the Create Flat File Wizard
Using the Import Metadata Wizard for Flat Files
Using the Flat File Sample Wizard
Updating a File Definition
Using External Tables

Defining Business Intelligence Objects

Using Business Definitions
Using the Data Object Editor with Business Intelligence Objects
Using Business Presentations
Configuring Business Intelligence Objects
Accessing Business Intelligence Objects Using Oracle BI Discoverer and Oracle BI Beans

Importing Data Definitions

Using the Import Metadata Wizard
Using Oracle Designer 6i/9i Sources

Integrating Metadata Through the Warehouse Builder Transfer Wizard

Using the Oracle Warehouse Builder Transfer Wizard

Importing Data From Third Party Applications

Integrating with E-Business Suite
Integrating with PeopleSoft Data
Extracting Data From SAP Applications

Validating Data Objects

Validating Objects
Editing Invalid Objects

Ensuring Data Quality

Perform Data Profiling
Using Data Profiles
Profiling the Data
Viewing the Results
Deriving Data Rules
Correcting Schemas and Cleansing Data
Using Data Rules
Tuning the Data Profiling Process
Using Data Auditors

Data Quality Operators

Using the Match-Merge Operator
Using the Name and Address Operator in a Mapping

Using Activities in Process Flows

Using Activities in Process Flows

Moving Large Volumes of Data

Transportable Modules
Benefits of Using Transportable Modules
Instructions for Using Transportable Modules
Editing Transportable Modules

ETL Objects Configuration

Configuring Mappings Reference
Configuring Process Flows

Source and Target Operators

Using Source and Target Operators
Source and Target Operators
Using Oracle Source and Target Operators
Using Remote and non-Oracle Source and Target Operators
Using Flat File Source and Target Operators

Data Flow Operators

List of Data Flow Operators
Operator Wizards
The Expression Builder
Aggregator Operator
Anydata Cast Operator
Deduplicator Operator
Expression Operator
Filter Operator
Joiner Operator
Key Lookup Operator
Post-Mapping Process Operator
Pre-Mapping Process Operator
Set Operation Operator
Sorter Operator
Splitter Operator
Table Function Operator
Transformation Operator
Unpivot Operator


Administrative Transformations
Character Transformations
Control Center Transformations
Conversion Transformations
Date Transformations
Number Transformations
OLAP Transformations
Other Transformations
Spatial Transformations
Streams Transformations

Scheduling ETL Objects

Editing a Schedule
Example Schedules

Deploying Target Systems

Creating Target Locations
Deploying From the Design Center Project Explorer
Opening Control Center Manager
Deploying From Control Center Manager
Reviewing the Deployment Results
Deploying to Additional Locations
Starting the ETL Process
Scheduling ETL Jobs
Runtime Preferences

Auditing Deployments and Executions

The Repository Browser
Opening the Repository Browser
The Design Center
Control Center Reports

Managing Metadata Dependencies

The Metadata Dependency Manager
Lineage and Impact Analysis Diagrams
Generating an LIA Diagram
Modifying the Display of an LIA Diagram
Modifying Objects in the Dependency Manager
Metadata Dependency Manager
Propagate Change Dialog Box

Managing Metadata Changes

Metadata Snapshots
Creating Snapshots
Adding Components to a Snapshot
Managing Snapshots
Managing Snapshot Access Privileges
Comparing Snapshots
Converting a Full Snapshot to a Signature Snapshot
Restoring Repository Objects From Snapshots
Exporting and Importing Snapshots
Deleting Snapshots

Importing and Exporting with the Metadata Loader (MDL)

Overview of Import and Export Using Metadata Loader
Using Metadata Loader with Warehouse Builder Design Center
Using Metadata Loader with OMB Plus

Extending the Warehouse Builder Repository

Adding New Properties to Warehouse Builder Objects
Adding UDOs to the Repository
Working with UDOs and UDPs
Creating New Icons for Objects in Warehouse Builder

  • Setting Up Warehouse Builder
  • Designing Target Schemas
  • Identifying Data Sources and Importing Metadata
  • Creating Mappings
  • Designing Process Flows
  • Understanding Performance and Advanced ETL Concepts
  • Using Oracle Warehouse Builder Transformations
  • Understanding Data Quality Management
  • Deploying to Target Schemas and Executing ETL Logic
  • Using Oracle Data Objects
  • Defining Dimensional Objects
  • Defining Flat Files and External Tables
  • Defining Business Intelligence Objects
  • More

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