UNIX Fundamentals Overview Training Course

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UNIX Fundamentals Overview training course (code: UNIXFUND)

Attend A Unix Fundamentals Course At JBI Training - Gain A Grounding In This Feature-Packed Popular Operating System


Our Unix and Linux training course is intense and aimed at anyone new or familiar with Unix and Shell Programming. It guides the delegate through the concepts of the Unix operating system and its key fundamental commands and utilities as well as intense training on delevoping and writing Unix shell scripts. The aim of this course is to pass onto the delegate the confidence and enthusiasm that is needed in order to work successfully in the Unix environment. 


Systems and applications programmers who plan to use the Unix operating system.


Unix Overview

Unix history and features

Introductory Unix Commands

  • Command syntax and execution
  • Processes
  • Documentation

Introduction to Editing with vi

  • Using basic vi features
  • vi modes
  • Using advanced vi features
  • Using colon commands
  • Global commands
  • File manipulation

The Unix File System

  • File system components
  • Managing files
  • Moving, renaming, and copying files
  • Listing files and directory contents
  • File system components
  • File system hierarchy
  • Working with directories
  • Protecting files

The Korn Shell Command Interpreter

  • Using basic shell features
  • Filters and pipelines
  • Filename generation and metacharacters
  • Escaping special characters
  • Login start-up files
  • Background processes
  • Job control
  • Aliases
  • Command-line editing

More vi

Advanced features of vi

Everyday Unix Tools

  • File manipulation tools
  • Getting information about files
  • Comparing files
  • Operating on file contents
  • Miscellaneous tools
  • Evaluating expressions
  • Finding files
  • Using electronic mail
  • Combining tools

Korn Shell Programming

  • Writing and running shell scripts
  • Interpretation and substitution
  • Command substitution
  • Shell variables and variable substitution
  • Arithmetic with shell variables
  • Positional parameters, shell parameters
  • Blank interpretation and comments
  • Getting user input - read
  • For, while, and until loops, if statements
  • Korn shell extended test facilities
  • Conditionals
  • Here documents
  • Subshell type designator

General Purpose Tools

  • sed
  • awk

Software Development Tools

  • ar
  • sccs
  • make
  • To use a variety of basic Unix commands
  • Create, access, and manipulate data under Unix using the standard editors and other important Unix tools
  • Program the command interpreter - the Korn shell
  • Recognize the interactive features of the Korn shell
  • Describe how the Unix file system work


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