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Advanced ASP.NET 4.5 Training Course

Explore Advanced Techniques And Best Practice For Developing Web Applications With ASP.NET

25 Feb London
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Advanced ASP.NET 4.5 training course (code: ASPNETADV)


Our Advanced ASP.NET training course is aimed at seasoned web developers who would like to get a more in depth look at new features and best practice for developing robust applications for the modern enterprise.

Microsoft is continuing to broaden the functionality of Visual Studio available to developers in order to ensure that applications combine performance and flexibility. We aim to expose delegates to some alternative ways of developing applications, using tips & tricks gained by expert instructors.

.NET languages also allow multiple approaches to programming including object oriented, generic and functional.  Labs will demonstrate the usage of this various programming techniques. 

With the importance of web applications this course has a major section including labs on the latest approach to web applications, by including labs for the latest MVC applications and Core 1.0, as required.


Developers who wish to extend their knowledge of ASP.NET applications and web services to an advanced level.




Advanced ASP.NET

ASP.NET Architecture Review

Designing Tiered Applications
What layers and tiers do you need or want
Choices for passing data through layers



LINQ to Objects
LINQ Data Access
- LINQ to Entities (Entity Framework)
- Model First vs Code First
- Incorporating validation & business logic


Parallel Programming

The Task Parallel Library



Creating WCF Contracts and Services
WCF Behaviours
Consuming WCF
WCF configuration
Specialised Data Services



Introduction to AJAX
Using AJAX Extensions
Calling Web Services from the Client
Updating the UI
Using jQuery in the client
Dealing with Exceptions
ASP.NET Ajax Server Control & Toolkit

ASP.NET Security

Protecting against attack
The OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities and how to protect against them



Visual Studio Support for HTML
Features of HTML5
Using With MVC and ASP.NET
Mobile and Tablet support


Unit Tests and Test Driven Development (TDD) in .NET

Understanding Unit Testing
Using the Microsoft Testing Framework
Writing Unit Tests
Isolating tests
Understanding Refactoring
Testing MVC applications



Understanding the ASP.NET MVC Framework
MVC vs Web Forms
Key MVC Components
View and View Engines
ASPX vs Razor
Layout Pages
Ajax and MVC
Unobtrusive Ajax
Model Binding
Security - authentication and authorisation
Using ViewModels and Repositories
Web API for REST based services


1. Build n-tier apps in .NET
2. Enforce standards of code and structure
3. Use ADO.NET and LINQ effectively
4. Understand the benefits and implementation of Enterprise Library 
5. Get the most out of ASP.NET Web Services and WCF
6. Learn about advanced OO practises
7. Create distributed apps with Web Services
8. Secure your application
10. Get the tools and skills to develop and implement ASP.NET AJAX Rich Internet Applications
11. Get the tools and skills to develop Silverlight UI
12. Understand the potential of MVC and Dynamic Data

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25th Feb 2019 - 4 days £1995

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