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UNIX System Administration Training Course

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8 Apr London
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UNIX System Administration training course (code: UNIXADM)


This Unix Administration training course provides the know how to manage a Linux system from boot, through operation and to shutdown. You will use Linux administration tools to effectively manage system resources and supervise users as well as applying administrative knowledge to minimize system downtime and maximize user productivity.


End Users of Unix who intend to start maintaining a Unix system at command-line level and who need to gain hands-on experience of troubleshooting and system administration of Unix systems.




  • UNIX History
  • Contemporary UNIX Flavors
  • UNIX Architecture
  • Definition of Administrator Responsibilities

Booting and Shutting Down

  • Bootstrapping
  • Managing the System State
  • Shutdown Commands
  • Handling Boot Problems

The Filesystem

  • Filesystem Organization
  • Inodes
  • Logical Volumes
  • Filesystem Types
  • Files Types
  • File Permissions
  • setuid, setgid, and sticky bits
  • Creating a Filesystem
  • Mounting a Filesystem
  • Unmounting a Filesystem
  • Fixing a Damaged Filesystem

Users and Groups

  • The Root User
  • Becoming the Root User
  • Other Privileged Accounts
  • Defining Users and Groups
  • Adding an Ordinary User
  • Password Selection
  • Local and Networked User Accounts
  • Disabling a User's Account
  • Removing a User


  • Process Architecture
  • Processes and the Kernel
  • Inheritance and Process Creation
  • Monitoring Processes
  • Controlling Processes

Routine Maintenance

  • Automated Tasks and Cron
  • Security Monitoring
  • Upgrading System Software

Changing System Hardware

  • Devices and Device Files
  • Choosing an Appropriate Upgrade Disk
  • Adding an Upgrade Disk
  • Removing Old Disks

Operating System Specifics

  • Identifying the System Flavor
  • Location of the Kernel
  • Optimizing the Kernel's Configuration
  • Kernel Patches
  • OS Dependent Administrator Tools
  • To use a variety of basic Unix commands
  • Create, access, and manipulate data under Unix using the standard editors and other important Unix tools
  • Program the command interpreter - the Korn shell
  • Recognize the interactive features of the Korn shell
  • Describe how the Unix file system works

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